Zim secures contract with Alibaba.com

ZIM has secured a contract with Alibaba.com for the direct purchase of sea freight, improving logistic services to Alibaba.com sellers.

Eli Glickman, ZIM president and chief executive officer, commented: “We are proud of this first operation with Alibaba.com, which is part and parcel of our innovative strategic vision. We see it as a great opportunity and a mutually beneficial arrangement leading to top-level customer service. It’s an important step for ZIM, expanding digital services for e-commerce customers as well as small and medium enterprises.”

Kuo Zhang, general manager, Alibaba.com, commented: “As the world’s largest cross-border e-commerce B2B platform, Alibaba.com aims to build a global logistics network jointly with ZIM and other ecological partners and reshape global logistics industry standards. The strategic cooperation between ZIM and Alibaba.com will provide customers with stable, efficient and visible cross-border supply chain solutions, and provide strong support for the explosive growth of the global digital trade.”

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