Yang Ming vessels to receive smart ship status

Yang Ming has announced that its ten 2,800TEU container vessels, currently being constructed by CSBC, are going to receive Smart Ship notations from three of the biggest international classification societies, ensuring the carrier holds its leading position in marine digitalisation and intelligence.

According to a statement, the carrier’s vessels will receive the notations from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), DNV GL, Bureau Veritas (BV) and Classification Society (CR). 

Five of the series vessels – ‘YM Celebrity’, ‘YM Continent’, ‘YM Certainty’, ‘YM Credibility’and ‘YM Continuity’ will be the first batch of vessels to be awarded ABS Smart notations, and will become the first in the world to do so.

The notations include Smart INF (Data INFrastructure for Smart Function implementation) & Smart SHM (Structural Health Monitoring). The recognition denotes that these vessels are equipped with smart information infrastructure of big data acquisition and cloud transmission. This in turn enable ship structure endurance monitoring and future structural health awareness.

“We are proud to lead the industry in the development of smart functionality, which tends to enable owners and operators to improve their operation,” said Bronson Hsieh, Chairman of Yang Ming. 

“By working with ABS we are demonstrating that the Yang Ming vessels are at the forefront of today’s vessel technology.” 

Three of the series vessels – ‘YM Centennial’, ‘YM Capacity’ and ‘YM Cooperation’ – will be the first vessels to receive DNV GL SmartShip notations in Taiwan. 

The notations, including SmartShip OE (Operating Enhancement) and PE (Performance Enhancement), mean that these vessels are equipped with advanced technologies such as improving container load flexibility with route specific container stowage and fuel saving with trim optimization. 

Two of the series vessels – “YM Credential” and “YM Constancy”- will be the first vessels to receive BV SMARTSHIP (MACHINERY 1) notation. This equips them with integrated computer based system for the controlling and monitoring of the automated installations of periodically unattended machinery spaces.

Furthermore, seven of the series vessels including ‘YM Continent’, ‘YM Credential’, ‘YM Centennial’, ‘YM Capacity’, ‘YM Certainty’, ‘YM Credibility’ and ‘YM Continuity’ are also certified by CR with ‘Smartship H, Et, I’ notations. These feature functions of smart hull-structural health estimation, smart energy efficiency-trim optimization, and smart integration platform.

Yang Ming said the vessels will improve operational efficiency and deliver more innovative and professional services to customers worldwide.

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