Yang Ming to take delivery of YM Credential

This week Yang Ming is due to take delivery of the YM Credential, the third unit in a series of ten scrubber-fitted 2,940 teu container vessels, from the CSBC Kaohsiung shipyard.

The ten ships were ordered in August 2018 for an undisclosed price. The YM Credential follows the YM Celebrity and YM Continent, delivered in May and June.

With a length of 209.75 m and a breadth of 32.80 m (13 rows), Yang Ming’s mid-sized new ’C-Class’ ships are primarily designed for the intra Asia trades, where they will carry a mix of feeder volumes and regional cargo. The ships have a deadweight of 37,200 tons and are fitted with 353 reefer plugs.

Like numerous recent containership designs, these new vessels feature a bulbous vertical bow that Yang Ming and CSBC advertise as an ’energy-saving Sea Sword Bow’. The design’s main advantage, compared to conventional bulbs, is a wider range of drafts across which the bow performs satisfactory at commercial speed – which is up to 21 knots for this vessel class.

The new YM Credential will be assigned to the Taiwan – Hong Kong – Ho Chi Minh service ‘THX’, that Yang Ming operates jointly with Evergreen.

Source: Alphaliner

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