VTG signs contract with European Loc Pool

VTG Rail Logistics Deutschland GmbH and its subsidiary railway company Retrack have signed a long-term lease contract with locomotive provider European Loc Pool (ELP).

The contract is for up to four EuroDual locomotives that will be deployed by Retrack on selected strategic routes. Delivering 2.8 MW with diesel propulsion and 6 MW under overhead lines, the hybrid EuroDual engine is ideally suited to the heavy loads carried in rail freight traffic.

The new locomotives can pull up to 30 percent more tonnage than the e‑locomotives and diesel engines currently in service along key transport corridors. Moreover, their hybrid capabilities can reduce CO2emissions. The EuroDual locomotives thus hold out the promise of both economic and logistical advantages plus benefits for the environment.

“We are looking forward to delivery of the new EuroDual locomotives and to using them for our pan-European rail transport activities,” said Retrack managing director Remco van Staaijeren. “The first set of six-axle hybrid locomotives will let us give our customers an even more effective portfolio in line with cutting-edge rail logistics standards.”

The first locomotives will be shipped to Retrack in the first quarter of 2021. Both companies are looking forward to a long-term partnership and the chance to collaborate on offering innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly rail freight logistics.

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