VSC upgrades storage yard at Vostochny Port

Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company (VSC), located in Vostochny Port, Russia, has completed the upgrade of more than 18,000 sq metres of storage yard.

This achievement is the latest milestone attained under VSC’s extensive handling equipment and operating facility upgrade programme, intended to increase capacity and improve efficiency and speed of cargo handling at the terminal.

The upgrade involved completing the renovation of 592 m of crane track, replacing utilities and power supply systems, which will increase the yard capacity utilisation factor in the area around berth 6 of Vostochny Port.

Besides, new surfacing has increased storage capacity by enabling the stacking of containers six high, as compared to the three tiers previously. 

VSC has already commenced similar reconstruction projects for two more yards with a total area of over 38,000 sq metres located in the landside area of berths 5-6, due for completion in 2021. Containers in this area are currently handled by two RMGs with a stacking height of 3+1.

As part of its ambitious equipment renewal programme, VSC is set to soon take delivery of new RMG cranes with a capacity of 50 tonnes. These new RMG cranes will enable greater control while handling equipment, increase handling speeds and also increase the height of container stacking to 6+1.

VSC has also added 4 new Toyota forklifts to their existing fleet of 28 forklifts. While the existing forklifts had a capacity of 1.5 to 5 tons, the newly acquired forklifts have a capacity of 1.5 to 3 tons, thus offering greater flexibility and the ability to operate both indoors and outdoors, including in salty marine air environment. The vehicles comply with all safety requirements, have Stage IIIA/Tier 3 environmental safety class engines.

Also on the anvil are plans to add six new Kalmar T2 terminal tractors to its fleet in the coming quarter. These tractors will complement the six new semi-trailers for the tractors, with a capacity of 60 tonnes, which have already been delivered to the terminal.  

Last month, VSC inaugurated a customs bonded storage area, which allows customers to store import and export goods for up to three years, without paying customs duties. The usable area of the open yard is 175 sq metres, while the usable volume of the covered warehouse is 1,239 cu mtrs. The customs warehouse is fully equipped with equipment necessary to ensure compliance with customs control procedures to take place and also guarantee the safekeeping of the goods with no unauthorised access to the yard.

Alexey Pavlenko, managing director at VSC, said “We are constantly working to improve services for our customers and the opening of the customs warehouse is yet another step towards meeting the requirements of our customers. We expect that this addition will help the customers engaged in foreign economic activity to reduce their costs, as they will not be required to move their goods to customs warehouse yards outside of VSC”.

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