Taipei Port opens express customs clearance

Taipei Port Container Terminal Corporation (TPCT) has opened an express customs clearance warehouse facility at Taipei Port to meet the growth in e-commerce.

TPCT manages two terminals in Taipei port, which is the primary destination for cross-strait cargoes. Evergreen owns 50% of TPCT, with Wan Hai and Yang Ming owning 40% and 10% respectively.

In a statement TPCT’s management commented” “Through working with various liner operators, we can offer vessel berthing, unsealing of containers, customs clearance and transportation. This allows e-commerce companies on both sides of the Taiwan Strait to enjoy faster, more convenient and safer logistics customs clearance services.”

The facility will start with two shipping express customs clearance lanes and, depending on market demand, the facility will expand to cater for growing e-commerce sales.

The management added that the proximity of Taipei port to Taoyuan International Airport facilitates a combination of air and sea freight, enabling the port to become a logistics hub for cross-border e-commerce.

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