Stena Bulk develops environment-friendly chemical tanker

Stena Bulk has officially announced its plans to launch a chemical tanker based on the Flettner sails technology. Dubbed the IMOFlexMAX, this tanker is foreseen as the new environment-friendly alternative to today’s liquid bulk shippers dependent on traditional sources of energy.

The Flettner technology is based on the wind-based approach to set sail developed back in 1920 and named after its inventor, Anton Flettner. Flettner’s innovation served as inspiration for the naval architects working with Stena Bulk and provided by the sister company, Stena Teknik.

These naval architects are also backed with 40 years of experience to know how to adapt the so-called “old school” technology to the hull design and vessel propulsion necessary to make the tanker function better than expected.

Fusion of technologies occur once solar panels factor into the tanker being developed. In this manner, wind energy and solar energy are collected to use as power source for the Flettner rotors installed.

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