SSA Marine orders 36 terminal tractors

SSA Marine has signed two orders with Kalmar for the supply of 36 Kalmar Ottawa T2 terminal tractors. The first order for 12 machines is for the company’s  Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) in Panama while the second order for 24 machines is for SSA Mexico in Colima, Mexico. 

Alexander Rojas, maintenance manager, MIT, commented: “Our existing fleet of Kalmar Ottawa machines have met all our expectations in terms of performance, productivity and safety, so we are very pleased to be able to expand our fleet with the latest-generation Kalmar Ottawa T2. We have developed an excellent working relationship with the Kalmar team, and highly appreciated the opportunity to visit the production facility in Kansas to inspect the manufacturing process by ourselves.”

Nestor Olmos, maintenance manager, SSA Mexico, added: “The Kalmar Ottawa T2 fits our needs perfectly, which is why we have decided to purchase such a significant number in one order. Kalmar and their local partner Tracsa have been highly supportive at every stage of the process, and we are also delighted with the fact that this number of machines can be delivered in such a short timescale.” 

Eduardo Prat,vice president, Latin America, Kalmar, said “The Kalmar Ottawa T2 continues to go from strength to strength in North and Central America thanks to its ability to ensure safe and efficient trailer spotting in terminal environments. We are delighted to continue to be a trusted supplier to SSA Marine and would like to acknowledge the important role played by our local partner Tracsa in securing this order.”

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