Spain reduces port rates by €100m

The Spanish government has introduced a package of measures to support the maritime sector that will allow  Spanish port authorities to reduce rates by up to €100m.

Aurelio Martínez, president, Valencia Port Authority,

The package was welcomed by the Spanish port authorities, Aurelio Martínez, president, Valencia Port Authority, commented: “The ports are going to be able to collaborate with a wide diversity of companies with difficulties caused by the consequences of covid-19 and are going to generate savings for their users of one hundred million euros. 

“The ports want to collaborate with the port companies with a series of balanced measures that bring together various virtues: on the one hand, these are actions that will not imply a coffee for everyone, because what it is about is treating priority to those companies that provide public services; and to attend singularly what are regular maritime services, seaways, ro-ro transport, ships, container transport, cruises, etc. Not everyone is going through the same difficulties.

“The measures  seem prudent to me, as they are limited in time (while the crisis lasts) and in their amount (they have a maximum ceiling of € 100 million) and access to them will be individualized and by companies, and must be justified on a case-by-case basis. ”

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