Silk Way West maintains China service

Silkway West Airlines is maintaining its service to China, despite the coronavirus epidemic, and is honouring block space agreements (BSA) with customers.

Wolfgang Meier, chief executive officer and president of Silk Way West Airlines, commented: We have decided to honor the loyalty of our BSA (Blocked Space Agreement) customers also throughout difficult times. Therefore we have not followed the way in cancelling all our scheduled flights by operating just charters as we think that on the long run it will bring us even closer to our partners. We are a forwarders airline and we will further expand on those relationships by enhancing the group of close partners,”

“In addition, we would like to thank our pilots and the entire team in being utmost cooperative in finding the right pattern to keep up the operation throughout. Together with our international teams we have managed to demonstrate a solidary unity towards our colleagues and customers, which I am really proud of. As the result of our ongoing operation our activities just have been broadcasted China wide on CCTV Channel 1 and as well through other TV station.”

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