SEA Europe proposes maritime fund

The Shipyards’ and Maritime Equipment Association (SEA  Europe) has announced both its support for the ambitions of the European Commission’s European Green Deal (EUGD) and a proposal to set-up a dedicated  EU Maritime Fund.

The  purpose of the proposed fund will be to incentivise the development of green technologies, to mature sustainable alternative fuels, and to integrate them onboard ships as well as to deploy green infrastructure and to financially stimulate first movers.

In a statement SEA Europe stated: “Furthermore, these significant investments need to be underpinned by a legal framework that offers legal certainty to the waterborne sector, including the maritime technology sector.

“Without any legal certainty,’ warned SEA Europe, ‘companies will refrain from making investments. This legal certainty is also key with regard to an EU taxonomy of green technologies and alternative fuels.”

SEA Europe also called upon the European Commission to support technological neutrality and a goal-based approach, including for dual-use technologies, to avoid a curtailing of (innovative) clean technologies and to stimulate a rapid development of alternative fuels for waterborne transport.

Christophe Tytgat, secretary general, SEA Europe, commented: “Due to the large variety of ship types and ship trades, there is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution to transform waterborne transport into a zero-emission mode of transport. Hence, all options for clean technologies, alternative fuels and their optimal integration need to be researched, developed, supported, and facilitated. Any legislation and policy actions should stimulate flexibility, secure legal certainty and refrain from imposing or prescribing specific technological solutions or specific alternative fuels.”

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