Pusan Newport upgrades terminal operations

Pusan Newport Company has upgraded to a new version of CyberLogitec’s terminal operating system, OPUS Terminal.

The new version of OPUS Terminal is equipped with ‘Advanced Module’, a feature developed by CyberLogitec based on years of experience and research in terminal operation system.

The ‘Advanced Module’ is a function that can improve operational efficiency when planning terminal yard operations and container loading/unloading. It reduces unnecessary work during terminal operation and enhances the performance of work planning required for operation.

The new version of OPUS Terminal with the advanced module provides the optimal efficiency of the terminal, from suggestions to prioritising work, weights and solutions, to exceptions through systemisation of information necessary for operation and management. As it has a standardised system for linking with internal/external systems, it can provide a stable and security-enhanced interface environment with any system.

Jason Hyeon, CEO of Cyber Logitec, commented: “We will strengthen the product performance that combines the future-orientated Internet of Things (IoT) and big data to analyse the mass information generated at the terminal and help PNC maintain its position as a world-leading terminal.

“We also have plans to strengthen the relationship with PNC in raising awareness of the solution, as well as focus on impacting the domestic and overseas markets with the enhanced product.”

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