PortXL to launch 100 pilot projects

PortXL, the Port of Rotterdam’s accelerator programme, aims to launch 100 innovative pilot projects in the port over the next year.

As Europe’s largest sea port, the port of Rotterdam serves as a vital hub for numerous global cargo flows. Nevertheless, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to put a damper on world trade, and some market players have become very hesitant to make large investments in response to the crisis.

However, to enable the port economy to swiftly recover from this ‘Covid dip’, it is important to invest in innovative solutions that help create an even smarter and more competitive port – now more than ever. Actively bringing the port’s private sector in touch with innovative start-ups will allow us to test and implement new technologies, sophisticated automation solutions and other new applications.

The MATCH innovation project is an initiative of PortXL. This accelerator programme has been working since 2015 to help entrepreneurs in the port area bring new innovations to market. Having already built up a worldwide network of over 4,000 innovative entrepreneurs, PortXL can find a solution to virtually every problem.

PortXL helps innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups ‘get on the radar’ of companies that want to improve their processes. For start-ups, finding the right opening at a potential client and starting up novel projects can be a time-consuming and often expensive undertaking. And established firms in turn can benefit from the swift inception of innovative projects, since this allows them to increase the efficiency of their operations and save costs.

Over the course of 2021, working in partnership with the port’s business community, PortXL aims to launch 100 innovative pilot projects within the MATCH innovation programme. Companies can submit their specific market challenges to PORTXL, which will then go in search of potential solutions and bring the companies in touch with one or more members of their global innovation network.

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