Ports of Barcelona and Busan join forces

The Port of Barcelona and Busan Port Authority (BPA) in South Korea have joined forces to promote the development of a logistics centre in Barcelona.

It is the first joint initiative by the two ports to revitalise trade and provide a platform stable logistics to companies doing business between Northeast Asia and Southern Europe.

Ki-chan Nam, president of BPA, commented: “This project is very meaningful as the first cooperative project by two port authorities and both ports will make the utmost efforts to provide the logistics platform to Korean companies advancing in Southern Europe as well.”

In order to ensure the success of the project, BPA and ABP will establish a Spanish joint venture to manage and operate the logistics warehouse effectively.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ports of Busan and Barcelona conducted a logistics market study of Barcelona including maritime traffic between the two ports and the current status of export and import companies.

Merce Conesa, president, Port of Barcelona, added: “The implementation of this project will vitalise logistics flows between Northeast Asia and Southern Europe through our ports, and help Korean products to be distributed in Europe, and potentially, in North Africa in a very competitive manner.”

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