Port of Tyne joins Connected Ports

Port of Tyne is the first UK port to join Connected Ports Partnership, a global data and resource sharing initiative.

Connected Ports is a collaboration between a network of global operators, which include the ports of Rotterdam, Gdansk, Helsinki, Hamburg and Los Angeles. 

In order to take major steps forward in the efficiency and cost reduction of world trade lanes and reduce carbon emissions, it is necessary to have a shared logistics system. Through pooling data and resources, the Connected Ports Partners aim to transform the way ports operate.

Matt Beeton, chief executive officer, Port of Tyne, commented: “We are excited to join this innovative, world-leading and collaborative initiative. We look forward to learning from each other and being the first in the UK to work towards co-creating a global hub of connected ports by extending important maritime developments such as data standardisation.”

Since launching the UK’s first Maritime 2050 Innovation Hub, the Port of Tyne has been collaborating to develop solutions to technological challenges facing the maritime sector and the wider logistics industry. 

Joyce Bliek, Director Digital Business Solution, Port of Rotterdam, said: “The Connected Ports Partnership is about co-creating new models of data exchange, and collaboration is vital for sustainable development across international gateways. Ports have a major role to play in using smart technology that can improve global logistics.” 

The first step in joining the Connected Ports Partnership will see the Port of Tyne advance the seamless trade in sharing data by adopting shared technology to co-develop a mutual platform for monitoring shipping and environmental data.

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