Port of Rotterdam reports higher throughput

The Port of Rotterdam reported a higher throughput of freight in 2019, 469.4m tonnes, compared to 2018, 469m tonnes.

Significant underlying shifts were observable between the various commodities. Whereas crude oil, container, LNG and biomass throughputs increased, coal and mineral oil product throughputs decreased. 

Allard Castelein, chief executive officer, Port of Rotterdam Authority, commented: “The Port of Rotterdam has matched the transhipment volume recorded in 2018. Of course, we are working hard to further increase our leading position and are investing heavily to achieve this. 

“However, the success of a modern port cannot be measured by throughput tonnage alone. Our customers no longer just want increased throughput capacity, but demand a better, faster and, above all, smarter port. 

“Equally crucial for the future is that industry succeeds in accelerating the energy transition so that the Port of Rotterdam can make a real impact towards achieving the Dutch climate objectives. To help make this happen we need a decisive and proactive government that works together with the business community.”

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