Port of Los Angeles volumes hit by covid-19

The Port of Los Angeles moved 449,568 TEUs in March, a 30.9 percent decrease compared to last year. For the first quarter of 2020, volumes decreased 18.5 percent compared to 2019. It was the lowest amount of monthly cargo moving through the Port since February 2009.

Gene Seroka, executive director, Port of Los Angeles, commented: “We’ve had two serious shocks to our supply chain system. First the trade war between the U.S. and China and now the covid-19 pandemic.

“With U.S. retailers and cargo owners scaling back orders, volumes are soft even though factories in China are beginning to produce more. Amidst this public health crisis, there will be uncertain months ahead in the global supply chain.”

Meanwhile, Port officials are in regular contact with terminal operators, longshore unions, and other supply chain stakeholders to make sure that stakeholders are able to obtain the necessary supplies they need for a safe and clean work environment.

March imports decreased 25.9 percent to 220,255 TEUs compared to the previous year. Exports decreased 23.8 percent to 121,146 TEUs. Empty containers declined 44.5% to 108,168 TEUs. In total, March volumes totalled 449,568 TEUs.

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