Port of Beirut awaits strategic study results

HPC Hamburg Port Consulting has teamed up with management consultancy Roland Berger to conduct a strategic study for the redevelopment of the Port of Beirut.


HPC and Roland Berger are preparing a comprehensive proposal with options for a new approach in its needed reconstruction and in the operations of the port.

The study is to include proposals for a better integration of the Port area into the city of Beirut and, most importantly, it shows how its overall investment and finance can be tackled.

Suheil Mahayni, managing director,HPC, commented: “We have been shocked by the devastating explosion that occurred on August 4th. Given our longstanding relations with Beirut, we immediately offered our support and help. We have been active since almost immediately after the explosion and stand by our readiness to support the further consultancy, reconstruction and operations of the Port of Beirut.”

Furthermore, HPC and Roland Berger have combined their expertise for a comprehensive strategic study covering the main aspects for the future reconstruction and operations of the Port of Beirut. The two consultancies will jointly address the questions of efficiency, transparency, hinterland connections and the pathway for an overall finance. HPC is focusing on improving efficiencies and transparencies of the port’s terminals while Roland Berger is advising on the strategic positioning and the institutional setup.

The study is currently in preparation, first results will be expected to be discussed within the next weeks. The goal is for the study to be made available to the public after completion.

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