P&O Ferrymasters launches big-data service

P&O Ferrymasters has launched a big-data consultancy service to help customers manage complex supply chain challenges through data-driven insights.

The independent service starts with data cleansing, analysis, modelling and mapping to visualise the customer’s current supply chain and create a clear baseline.  The consultants then work on multiple scenarios, fully assessed for timing, availability, costs and environmental footprint, and ultimately can manage the tendering process to hand-pick the best solutions and assist with warehouse engineering.

Colin Howard, P&O Ferrymasters’ general manager sales and business development for contract logistics, explained: “We will work with our clients to determine their needs and help them achieve their desired goals by finding the most practical and effective solutions driven by robust data, with supply chain mapping and design, transport network design, warehouse engineering, and on health, safety and the environment.

“Managing complexity is the thread which runs through our entire organisation and our sector-leading team is excited at the prospect of introducing a new type of service to help our customers further improve their supply chains and efficiency. However seemingly complex their need may be, our customers can rely on us to ‘just sort it’.”

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