Oman Air Cargo awards CHAMP 5-year contract

Oman Air Cargo has awarded CHAMP a five-year contract for its suite of e-cargo solutions. 

Following a request for proposals for cargo IT solutions, CHAMP won the contracts from a wide field of competitors.

Seeking solutions for the next step of its digital transformation, Oman Air Cargo chose to open up the decision-making process to the market. Following a rigorous competition, Oman Air not only decided to continue using Traxon cargoHUB and Traxon Global Customs, but also signed for two new solutions.

Mr. Mohammed Al Musafir, senior vice president, commercial cargo, Oman Air, commented: “This is one more step towards our goal of 100 percent digitisation offering information transparency to our valued customers.”

Nicholas Xenocostas, vice president, commercial and customer engagement, CHAMP, added: “Having a long-standing relationship, we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to compete in an open market and continue supporting Oman Air Cargo in their digital transformation while adding additional value to their business.”

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