MSC strengthens intermodal offering for Italian market

MSC has strengthened its position in the Italian cargo market by offering the fastest transit times around the Mediterranean and by further integrating its growing intermodal inland transportation services.

By combining its shipping services with inland operations, it aims to create door-to-door delivery solutions for companies of all sizes, with cargo switching between ships and trains in a fast and green way.

MSC now offers the widest port coverage in Italy, including seven direct ports of call with close proximity to the country’s northern industrial heartland. This is complemented by a local feeder network from the port of Gioia Tauro to southern locations such as Bari and Naples, as well as Livorno on the west coast.

The company has recently been working on expanding, improving and integrating its Italian rail offering in particular. For example, by developing rail services in Genoa to decongest the port area and by incorporating logistics and secure storage options to plan deliveries with precision and flexibility.

International rail services departing the port of Trieste now penetrate a number of hinterland European markets such as Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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