MSC launches Chile-Asia cherry express

MSC has launched a Chile-Asia express service for cherry and fresh fruit cargo to meet the growing demand for fresh cherries in China.

The new service will run as a joint carrier agreement, connecting Asia and the west coast of Latin America. The service will connect Valparaiso, Chile with a fast transit time to Hong Kong in 23 days. Shipments will arrive in Nansha and Shanghai in 25 and 26 days respectively, via transshipment from Hong Kong.

To complement the regular cherry express service, MSC will operate exclusively two more vessels with fast shipping service for weeks 49 and 51. Both vessels will sail on different days compared to the regular schedule, allowing customers greater flexibility during loading. The two vessels will also provide direct connection to a few different ports in Greater China, offering customers more choice in terms of destination ports. 

With concerns around cargo contamination still mounting amid the ongoing pandemic, fruit exporters in Chile can also rely on MEDLOG, MSC’s logistics arm, to provide sanitised containers as a safety measure against COVID-19. MSC is committed to meeting the needs of its customers and is proud to offer this added service through its exclusive tie-up with MEDLOG in Chile.  

Cristian Montenegro, commercial director of MSC Chile commented: “We’re very excited about the launch of the cherry express service. With the introduction of two complementary vessels and the support of our MEDLOG depots in Chile, MSC will be able to reinforce this service by maintaining a constant flow of containers for our export customers.” 

“Cherries have become an increasingly popular fruit in China as consumer spending power rises across the country. Furthermore, the timing of the cherry express leads up nicely to the Chinese New Year. Red Chilean cherries are especially popular during this period with consumers as the red fruit symbolises prosperity and fortune,” said Pikkei Yuen, inbound sales manager, MSC Hong Kong/South PRC/Taiwan. 

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