MSC headquarters hit by cyber attack

MSC has confirmed that a recent network outage at the company’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland was the result of a cyber attack.

A statement from MSC noted:  “As the incident was being thoroughly investigated by our security and IT teams, assisted by external experts and taking also in consideration we were during the Easter holiday long weekend, we actively decided as a precaution to take our headquarters computer systems offline in order to ensure their integrity. 

“After a thorough investigation, we confirmed that it was confined to a limited number of physical computer systems in Geneva only and we determined that it was a malware attack based on an engineered targeted vulnerability. We have shared as per industry standards the malware with our technology partners so that mitigations could be made available not only to us. 

“We will not be commenting further in detail on this point, as this would be counter-productive from a security perspective. If in due time we feel that there are any important lessons or best practices to learn, we will share information via the appropriate industry forum or directly with other companies. 

“During the network outage, MSC’s global agencies and our people around the world continued to serve customers as usual in most cases. All MSC departments, terminals, depots etc. operated without disruptions and the incident posed no threat to parties engaging in business with the company.”

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