Kizad cuts fees to attract investors

Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (Kizad), has waived the charges for over 75 percent of its services, in line with the Abu Dhabi Government directive to encourage further investment into the emirate.

Kizad cuts fees to attract investors

CEO of Abu Dhabi Ports Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi said, “We continue to support the government initiatives to build an investor-friendly environment by providing our partners and customers with the incentives they need for their businesses to thrive and grow. We are committed to Abu Dhabi’s drive to become a global gateway for businesses from all parts of the world. The cost of setting up and maintaining a successful business at Kizad is more achievable now than ever before. It is an ideal opportunity for companies of all sizes to benefit from such incentives for either growing their business or entering new markets.”

The decision to waive fees also builds on the incredible success that Abu Dhabi Ports has had in attracting investors to Kizad since it was launched in 2010. To date, the zone has attracted more than 500 investors and more than AED 65 billion in investment across multiple sectors, including metals, polymers, oil and gas, automotive, food, energy and logistics.

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