Infrastructure Australia identifies port deficiencies

Infrastructure Australia (IA) has identified deficiencies in East Coast deepwater container port facilities as a priority initiative.

Australia’s independent infrastructure adviser noted the need for “a network of deep water ports” along the East Coast to accommodate large ships that are currently unable to visit due to port constraints, marking the issue as a “priority initiative”. 

Craig Carmody, chief executive, Port of Newcastle, commented:  “The data is clear – shipping lines around the world have stopped building the ships that Australia’s ports are designed to accommodate.

“While IA correctly notes that no Australian port can accommodate the larger, more energy-efficient ships carrying more than 14,000 teus, it is also critical to examine the constraints to existing road and rail infrastructure in handling the nation’s current and future trade volumes. 

“For a nation that moves 98% of its international trade by sea, being unresponsive to these global trends leaves Australia’s competitiveness and consumers disproportionately exposed.” 

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