HPT takes major step to becoming a “smart” terminal

Hutchison Ports Thailand’s Terminal D took a major step to becoming a “smart” terminal when it welcomed the arrival of 6 autonomous trucks for a period of testing. 

The trucks are equipped with a smart operating system and are fully powered by electricity which, in addition, will also help the terminal to achieve its goal of being an eco-friendly facility.

The trucks utilize the advanced ‘LiDAR’ light detection and range technology, through which it can instantaneously (and accurately) detect and survey its surroundings in all directions, generating a precise, internal 3D map, enabling it to accurately analyze and avoid obstacles and collisions.

The operation of the trucks will be integrated into — and controlled by — Hutchison Ports’ Next Generation Terminal Management System (“nGen”), which works in conjunction with other innovations — such as remote controlled-cranes — to plan transportation routes, manage operation time schedules and arrival patterns.

Stephen Ashworth, managing director – Thailand & South East Asia of Hutchison Ports, said, “The autonomous ‘Q-Trucks’ utilize the latest technology and innovation, and are part of our ongoing plan to transform Terminal D into the most technologically advanced and efficient container terminal in the region.

“The Q Truck continues to push the envelope for port innovation and along with our other already and soon-to-be implemented innovations, such as remote controlled crane-technology, online e-tracking services, gate automation and blockchain technology, we are rapidly approaching our goal of becoming the nation’s first fully-developed ‘smart port.” 

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