HMM vessel marks return to US East Coast

Global Container Terminals (GCT) has  welcomed the Hyundai Hope to GCT Bayonne on May 16, 2020. The call marks the return of HMM (formerly Hyundai Merchant Marine) vessels to US East Coast services after a three-year hiatus. At 13,154 TEU, it also brings the first larger vessel call of THE Alliance (THEA’s) EC2 service to GCT Bayonne.

“HMM is proud to return to vessel calls on the US East Coast after a three-year absence. While HMM has continued to support business on the US East Coast, we were not operating our vessels until now. This changes with the arrival of the Hyundai Hope at GCT Bayonne,” said Mr. Jay Y. Lee, Chairman and CEO, HMM (America) Inc. “As part of HMM joining THE Alliance, HMM remains committed to evolving and expanding alongside our customers as partners. We are excited to grow and look forward to new opportunities.”

“HMM has been a longstanding customer at GCT Canada, and with HMM officially joining THE Alliance, the relationship grows. GCT looks forward to continuing to provide leading service on both coasts for THE Alliance,“ said Eric Waltz, President of GCT Canada.

“GCT is proud of its relationship with THEA at our East and West Coast terminals and welcomes our new customer HMM at GCT Bayonne. By focusing on the customer and service levels, we have continued to grow in the Port of New York and New Jersey,” said John Atkins, President of GCT USA. “We are pleased to receive the upsized EC2 service and increase to three UCLV vessel calls per week. GCT will continue to offer customers more seamless access to the robust consumer market surrounding GCT Bayonne as well as unparalleled inland connections through our on-dock rail facilities.” 

“As one of the nation’s largest container ports, The Port of New York and New Jersey is pleased to welcome new ships and shipping lines as they build their networks through the Port. Through collaboration with our world-class terminal operators, the Port continues to grow and expand its global reach,” said Sam Ruda, Port Director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

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