Gebrüder Weiss turns on the gas

The logistics company Gebrüder Weiss will use a truck fully powered by CNG to carry freight between the Henkel plants in Vienna and Kruševac in Serbia. 

Gebrüder Weiss turns on the gas

For each return trip, this gas-powered truck will cover a distance of about 1,700 kilometers. The new, sustainable direct service scores very highly for its environmental footprint: the gas-powered truck saves about 20% of the CO2 on every trip, compared with a Euro-6 diesel truck.

“On this regular circuit, the truck will transport detergents and cleaning agents between Austria and Serbia two or three times a week, covering over 200,000 kilometers a year. We’re currently working with Gebrüder Weiss to see whether this transport solution could also be used on other routes,” says Patrick Csar, Logistics and Export Manager Supply Chain Laundry & Home Care at Henkel.

Gebrüder Weiss has also been responsible for transporting detergent products from the Henkel location at Körösladány in Hungary to over 20 countries worldwide, chiefly the USA, Australia, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Korea.

For Gebrüder Weiss, the truck represents another step in the testing out of eco-friendly drive technologies in everyday logistics work.

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