ESL joins Helsinki Climate Partners network

ESL Shipping has joined the City of Helsinki-led Climate Partners network intended for companies that want to contribute towards making Helsinki a carbon-neutral city.

Each organisation will define their own goals in mitigating climate change over the next few years. These goals must be aimed at improving the current situation and exceeding the current legislative requirements.

In 2020, ESL Shipping’s target is to decrease CO2-emissions from our fleet by 10,000 tons in comparison to our 2019 figures. Furthermore, we aim to perform trials with biogas and renewable diesel together with the Port of Helsinki and the Port of Raahe.

“We are proud to join the City of Helsinki Climate Partners network. In addition, to our own environmental efforts, it is extremely important to learn more from other stakeholders. Together we can really make a difference”, commented managing director Mikki Koskinen.

The signing event for participating organisations was arranged for the 5 November in Helsinki.

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