Duisport plans for post-pandemic recession

The Port of Duisport has  announced plans to combat a post-pandemic recession that will see the company adjust its business model towards digitalised logistics.

In a statement, Erich Staake, chief executive officer of the Duisort Group, said: “Following a 21-year stretch of uninterrupted growth, the Port of Duisburg is facing a number of significant challenges. The recession that will follow the pandemic, and the second structural transformation on the Rhine and Ruhr, will have a negative effect in the current and future financial years.

“ The subsequent catch-up effects and the decline in the automotive and industrial sector are already big factors today, and they will be noticeable until well into the fall. Overall, I expect a 10 percent contraction in total economic performance over the course of 2020.

“We will have to pursue an approach of ‘driving on sight’ while using a sense of proportion and reality, but we cannot neglect our strategic projects. We must actively adjust our business models for the second structural transformation towards digitized logistics and industry, which is why – with regard to digitization – we will continue to expand our startport incubator as planned. 

“Other demanding infrastructure projects such as logport VI will also be continued. The coronavirus situation cannot lead to a paralysis in this regard; on the contrary, it challenges us to become creative when it comes to our business. We will accept the expected setbacks, but we will also continue to look ahead with confidence. It is the only way to overcome the crisis,” 

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