DSV and LATAM transport 110 C-Safe containers

DSV and LATAM Cargo have teamed up to transport 110 RKN C-Safe containers, each filled with medicines, from Amsterdam to Brasilia airport.

The temperature-controlled containers were flown on three Airbus A350 flights and needed to be kept at a temperature of 5ºC, while the interior temperature of the aircraft was maintained between 15ºC and 25ºC.

Cristina Oñate, vice president of marketing and product development at LATAM Cargo, commented: “Our know-how and high standards on transporting pharmaceutical products has enabled us to become experts and be recognised by IATA as the first CEIV Pharma certified carrier in the Americas [in 2017].

“Through strategic partnerships with renowned players such as DSV, we can ensure our procedures are strictly followed, so that these sensitive products reach final destination in optimal conditions.”

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