DHL Express opens green logistics centre

DHL Express opened a new, environmentally friendly logistics centre at the Cologne-Bonn Airport on the 19th of November. 

The new 15,000 sq m hub features an innovative system to heat and cool the warehouse and offices. In cooperation with Cologne-Bonn Airport, DHL Express is using a huge ice-energy-storage solution with over 1.3 m litres holding capacity and 18 km of piping, which ensures the hub stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Combined with a heat pump and solar panels on the roof, the solution is entirely emissions free.

 “The main goal here is to increase our transport and delivery capacity for time-sensitive TDI shipments to meet the forever growing customer demand in the area of e-commerce. At the same time, we’re continuously improving on process efficiency. Our recently published quarterly results show pretty clearly that we’re on the right track.” said John Pearson, chief executive, DHL Express.

Detlef Schmitz, managing director of the DHL Express hub, added: The € 123 million investment in our new hub clearly shows our commitment to the Cologne-Bonn region and ensures the future of a lot of jobs here,”

Travis Cobb, executive vice president of global network operations, DHL Express, commented: “By modernizing our air fleet, we can increase the number of our intercontinental connections and do this with reduced carbon emissions and less fuel consumption. Next year we will deploy another six brand-new planes from our Boeing order.”

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