DHL Express adds 6 aircraft to fleet

DHL Express is adding six new Boeing 777F-200 cargo aircraft to its fleet during 2020.

The Boeing 777F is equipped with top-of-the-line fuel-efficient technology and features the longest range at full payload of any widebody freighter aircraft.  This allows DHL to operate with higher efficiency while meeting the increasing global demand for express logistics service.

John Pearson, chief executive officer, DHL Express, commented: “With the modernization of our intercontinental fleet, we can simultaneously enhance our proven ability to meet growing demand, improve our environmental footprint and deliver best quality service to our customers. DHL has made its mark time and time again with innovative solutions and technologies. 

“We are pleased to continue demonstrating to partners and customers alike how these advancements stand to elevate the entire express logistics industry while bringing us closer to achieving our Strategy 2025 goals.”

Travis Cobb, executive vice president of global network operations and aviation, DHL Express, added  “With the new Boeing 777Fs, we can increase our intercontinental connections while reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption. This enables us to continue to provide customers with the excellent quality they’ve come to expect from us while we work to expand our global services.”

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