ČD Cargo leads the way on energy efficient transport

ČD Cargo is gradually changing its vehicle fleet inline with its commitment to ensuring more energy-efficient transport.

Instead of vehicles with electric resistance control, it acquires new locomotives with semiconductor lossless power control, enabling the use of regenerative braking and taking only effective current components. 

The company modernises diesel locomotives, thus improving their technical and environmental parameters. It is also preparing to use two-source hybrid locomotives, which will bring fully emission-free operation in the future. By measuring and evaluating the traction consumption of each individual train, ČD Cargo guides and will further motivate its drivers to energy-efficient driving. The gradual change of the vehicle fleet also applies to wagons, where rolling stock with lower driving resistance and lower noise are purchased.

Ivan Bednárik, chairman of the board of ČD Cargo, commented:”We appreciate that the Ministry of Industry and Trade is preparing and supporting legislative changes related to increasing energy efficiency in transport. We also welcome the Ministry’s commitment to promote incentive programs to reduce the energy intensity of transport and increase the share of emission-free electric traction.

“At the same time, we see increasing the energy efficiency of our freight transport, reducing our carbon footprint and reducing our emission intensity not only as socially responsible, but as absolutely necessary with regards to future generations.”

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