Bolloré Ports commissions fully electric tractors

Bolloré Ports’ terminal in Abidjan Port has commissioned two fully electric APM 75T HE Guassin tractors, making it the first terminal in Africa to receive and use the new technology.

The tractors represent synergy between the expertise of Gaussin in the production electrical vehicles, Blue Solutions in the production of electric batteries and that of Bolloré Ports in port logistics. Fully electric APM 75T HE tractors have particularly been designed to incorporate the technical specifications used by Bolloré Ports in the ports operated by it.

The APM HE is the first container transport solution that has been designed specifically for hot climates, thanks to its unique solid-state battery technology which is insensitive to variations in outdoor temperatures from -20°C to +60°C.

The fully electric HE model allows significant savings in operating costs, in terms of both maintenance and energy. It is noiseless and emits zero CO2 emissions, at the same time increasing productivity, safety and driver comfort.

Blue Solutions’ LMP battery utilises a solid electrolyte which reduces the risk of runaway heating and is particularly suited to extreme climatic constraints and the high productivity demands that are put on heavy handling vehicles.

LMP batteries do not contain any cobalt, nickel, solvent or ‘rare earth’ elements.

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