Blue Dart reports Q2 profits up 196%

India’s Blue Dart Express reported solid financial results for the second-quarter of 2020 with a $5.6m profit, an increase of 196% for the same period of 2019.

 Blue Dart not only weathered these challenges successfully, but also continued to ensure unmatched service delivery to its customers.

Balfour Manuel, managing director, Blue Dart, commented: “Macroeconomic indicators as well as the opening up of the economy signals a greener future for the nation. We see our customers’ businesses coming back on track with an exciting festive season around the corner for which we are fully prepared. We are cautiously optimistic for what the future holds for the economy as a second wave of pandemic is expected to hit the Country in the winter season.

“We have also consolidated our position over this quarter for our key products. As pharmaceutical organizations and the Government of India work in tandem to roll out a COVID-19 vaccine, Blue Dart is gearing up to provide logistics support when a prospective vaccine candidate does arrive. Blue Dart’s resilience, responsiveness, safe & reliable network continues to be the reason we remain the Government’s as well as every citizen’s trusted express logistics provider. Our employees as well as our market-leading technology continue to remain our primary differentiators as a premium brand.”

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