Port of Gothenburg launches climate strategy

APM Terminals Gothenburg has launched a new climate change strategy that aims to reduce carbon emissions in the Gothenburg area by 70 percent.

A machine park completely run on renewable fuels, a doubling of rail-borne freight and optimising of loading and discharge operations. These are parts of a new climate strategy launched by APM Terminals Gothenburg. The strategy supports the Port of Gothenburg climate goal of reducing carbon emissions by 70 percent throughout the whole of the Gothenburg area by 2030.

Elvir Dzanic, chief executive, Gothenburg Port Authority, commented: “A growing number of transport purchasers are demanding a solid, assertive, and quantifiable environment and climate work, which is a fact that gives us a competitive edge over other ports. Alongside increased digitalisation and growth, we regard our environment and climate work as a key factor that will enable us to achieve our vision of becoming the world’s most competitive port.

To heighten its competitiveness even further, Gothenburg Port Authority adopted new and much more exacting environmental goals in October. Under these new goals, port-related carbon emissions will be reduced by 70 per cent by 2030. Not only within the port itself but also throughout an area extending from the outer port entrance 15 kilometres the west, right up to the city boundary

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